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First Time Setup

To help prevent damage if something connected improperly, a protection circuit was installed in the first GlowBall of each strand. Some strands can be more sensitive than others, preventing them from lighting up in the port they are attached to. The strand is not defective. 

Please follow the first time setup instructions below for a trouble free installation. 

  1. Attach the hanging ring to the controller.
  2. Power up the controller.
  3. On the hanging ring, locate the word “Back” next to the signal wire. On the other side of that signal wire is a small arrow that points to the first connector.
  4. Attach a LED strand to that port, it should light up.
  5. Continue connecting strands clockwise, and be sure to tighten the threaded ring once the strand lights up.
  6. If a strand does not light up, remove it and replace it with another one. Use the removed strand on the last data port. 



The lights are blinking red
This indicates there is an error reading the memory card. Try removing the SD card, then put it back in. If it continues to blink red, there is a corrupt system file. The corrupted file can be replaced with ease by downloading the SD Card image file. [Click Here For Instructions]

Only some of my lights are lighting up
This usually indicates the strand is not properly connected. Remove the first strand that is not lit up then reinsert it. Make sure the notch is aligned with the slot on the ring’s data port. You can remove and reconnect with the power on. If it still is not lighting up, swap two of the strands.

I have the 160 Animated GlowBalls but only half of them are lighting up
Make sure you have both signal cables attached to the controller. In the App go to settings and make sure the number of lights shows 160. If not, change it, and resend the playlist.

None of my strands are lighting up
Begin by disconnecting the signal wire from the controller. Connect one strand directly to output 1. 

If the strand lights up:
With the power still on, unhook the strand, and reconnect the signal wire.

Once reconnected, if the lights do not come on, switch the first strand on the hanging ring with another one. The first strand is located next to the signal wire, and has a small arrow pointing to it. 

If the stand does not light up:
Unplug the controller, wait 10 seconds, plug it back in. This should reset the controller. If the strand still does not light up, please contact technical support. 





I have the Starter Set. Can I upgrade to the 160 Animated GlowBalls set later?
Yes. You will need to purchase the Expansion Set.

How many power outlets do I need?
Only one power outlet is needed.

Can I have more than 160 Animated GlowBalls?
At this time, the maximum is 160 Animated GlowBalls. 

Do you have packages for trees larger than 8 feet?
No, not at this time. Please check back often.

Can it play music?
Music playback is not available in version 1.0. Unlike other systems that simply blink light to music, we are developing fully choreographed musical sequences for our 2.0 systems. The existing hanging ring and lights will be compatible.

Do I have to use the App?
No. The LED controller is pre-loaded with 16 looping effects. To add additional effects or make changes, you will need to use the mobile app.

Can I program my own effects?
Animated GlowBalls are a stand-alone system that does not require programming. Our geeks have done all of the complex work for you and have designed over 100 amazing effects with more coming.

I just got a new phone. Will my purchased effects transfer to the new device?
All purchases will transfer to the new device providing you remain on the same platform (Android or iOS). Android devices will automatically unlock any prior purchases. For iOS devices, go into the settings screen, and tap Restore Purchases.

Can I purchase effects from a computer using iTunes or Google Play?
Only in-app purchases are supported.

Why do I have to pair the device again after exiting the App?
By not locking into a single device, everyone in your family can have fun controlling the tree. Your phone will stay connected until you quit the app, go out of Bluetooth range, or someone else presses the Pair button and connects to the controller. Pressing the home button will not disconnect you.

Will the controller still play effects when updating?
Yes. The current playlist will play until all new effects and playlist have been sent and received in the background.

Do I have to send the playlist again if I unplug the controller?
No. Once the system has power again, it will automatically pick where it left off.

Can I play just a single effect?
Yes. Remove all other effects from the playlist and then update the controller. 

How many effects can I have in my playlist?
There is no limit. You can add any effect as many times as you like. Once the playlist reaches the last effect it will automatically start back up at the first effect.

How are Animated GlowBalls different from the other color LEDs?
Other color LED holiday lights typically use a single, low-grade, 7-color LED. Animated GlowBalls use two full spectrum LEDs, similar to the ones used in concert LED screens.

How is it creating these effects?
Because of our unique vertical hanging system, the GeekMyTree controller knows the approximate position of every light, allowing it to create the amazing effects. Other color LED strand lights can only produce blinking and chase patterns because they are connected end-to-end, and wrapped around a tree the traditional way, so their controller does not know the position of the lights.

How do they resist tangling?
Our single-wire, pass-through design and globe configuration helps to prevent tangling. We have a YouTube video that shows this feature.

I have a pre-lit tree. Can I use Animated GlowBalls with it?
Yes. Animated GlowBalls can be placed over your existing lights.

Can Animated GlowBalls be used on a real tree?
Yes. The LED strands will fit any 6-8 foot tree. Carefully fit the hanging ring over the top of the tree. If necessary, snip off any of the tiny branches.

How much power do they use?
The Starter Set of 80 Animated GlowBalls uses between 15-45 watts depending on the effect playing. In comparison, 100 traditional mini lights use about 120 watts.

How hot do they get?
Animated GlowBalls produce little to no heat and are always cool to the touch.

How durable are they?
Although the globe is made of plastic, it is quite strong. Additionally, allowing the wire to pass-through the GlowBalls gives the strand extra strength.

Can I use them outside?
No. The controller and power supply are not rated for outdoor use. If they get wet, it could damage the unit. For outdoor use, please contact us about our pro series.

Can Animated GlowBalls be dimmed?
Because Animated GlowBalls are color balanced, dimming is not available as it would alter the intended color for effects that use transitional color and fades.

Can I use them longer than just the holiday season?
Yes. Unlike other seasonal lighting products Animated GlowBalls were designed for continual use.

What is the life expectancy of Animated GlowBalls?
We have done our best to source only the highest quality LEDs. When used as intended, the life expectancy is 50,000 hours. It is possible to a have a LED burn out sooner.

Is there a time limit they can be on?

Should I make a backup of the SD Card?
No. If you have an issue, our support team can send you a zip file with all of the default files. Any purchased effects will be resent the next time you add them to the playlist.

Will everything fit back in the box it came in?
Yes. If you disconnect the strands from the ring, everything will fit back in the compartments with no problem.