Hassle-Free Light Show

No programming or computer required! Simply hang the Animated GlowBalls on any 6-8 foot Christmas tree, plug them in, then control them with your smartphone. 

With over 100 professionally designed effects, and our unique vertical hanging system, the GeekMyTree controller knows the position of every light, allowing it to create amazing light show effects.

Other light show systems either require hours of programming to create similar effects, or are limited to blinking and chase patterns.

Say goodby to tangled lights. Our single-wire, pass-through design and globe configuration helps to prevent tangling. At the end of the season disconnect the strands from the hanging ring, bunch them together and put them back in the box with no worries of a tangled mess.



Amazing Color

Animated GlowBalls light up 360 degrees, and have two high-end full spectrum LEDs, similar to the ones used in concert LED screens. These LEDs are color accurate across every GlowBall. 

Other color holiday lights typically use a single, low-grade 7 color LED. Often colors vary from build to bulb, and the white has a blueish tint. No longer do you have to settle for this limited dull color.

Built To Last

How many sets of lights have you thrown away because you couldn’t find the bad bulb? Or worse yet, part of your expensive LED strand stop working?  

Animated GlowBalls are designed to last. When used as intended, the life expectancy is 50,000+ hours. GeekMyTree spent two years developing Animated GlowBalls to be the best, and easiest to use consumer light show system on the market. Only the highest quality parts were used.

Energy Efficient 

Animated GlowBalls are brighter and use less power. The Starter Pack only uses between 15-45 watts of power depending on the effect playing.

Mini-lights although inexpensive, use a lot of electric. A strand of 100 mini-lights typically uses 120 watts. If you were to have 400 lights on the tree, it would use 480 watts!


  • Fits any 6-8 foot Christmas trees
  • Vivid full spectrum color
  • Long-lasting, energy efficient LEDs 
  • Light up 360 degrees
  • From box to light show in about 10 minutes
  • Unique vertical hanging system
  • Virtually tangle free
  • Comes with built in patterns
  • Premium quality