With our free mobile app you can create a custom playlist, see animated previews, purchase additional effects, and change various settings. Playback of pre-loaded effects do not require the mobile app.




  • Move effects in the playlist by dragging the reorder icon up or down.
  • If you no longer want an effect in your playlist, select it and tap the Remove button.
  • To see your new playlist, press the Pair button on the Controller*, then tap the Send To Controller button.
  • Some effect may take several minutes to upload the first time. This is normal.


  • To view simulations, select an effect name from the scrollable list.
  • Use the View Simulation toggle to switch viewing modes.
  • Tap the Shopping Cart icon to purchase this effect. Once purchased it will be added to the playlist.
  • Tap Playlist icon to add an effect you own to the playlist.
  • Alternately, you can use the Buy or Add to Playlist button next to the picture of the tree.



  • By default, your Controller is set to 80 Animated GlowBalls. If you are using an expansion set, you will need to change the LIGHTS ON TREE setting to 160.
  • Playlists run sequentially unless Shuffle Mode is turned on.
  • Effect Time allows you to change how long each pattern plays.
  • Restore Effects restores in-app purchases on iOS devices. Android devices will automatically download purchases from Google Play.
  • Set Bluetooth Password allows you to lock the controller, and requires the code to make changes.
  • To send your settings, press the Pair button* on the controller. Then tap the Update Controller button.
* Once a device is Paired, it will remain so until you exit the application or unplug the controller.


Application Requirements:




  • iPhone 5, 5S, 6, 6+, 6S, 6S+
  • iPod Touch 5th, 6th Gen.
  • iOS 8 or later
  • Bluetooth 4


  • Android 4.0 or later (may not be compatible with some tablets)
  • Bluetooth 4